Sov en natt i Lavvo

Adresse: Ørnesbakken 31, 9060 Lyngseidet Dato: Mandag 2 des 2019 - mandag 30 mar 2020

Adresse: Ørnesbakken 31, 9060 Lyngseidet

Få en villmarkserfaring ved å overnatte i en samisk lavvo mens du deltar i noen typiske norske aktiviteter.
Dette er en tur som starter og slutter med en aktivitet av Aurora Alps.

The Sami tent is heated by a wood-fired oven. There is a warm and nice atmosphere and you will recognize this feeling of wellbeing. The lavvo are at our basecamp at Breivikeidet with nice view to the nature, the Lyngen Alps and nearby to all our activities.
This is suitable for 2-4 people travelling together. We have winter sleeping bags and reindeer hides. You can head out of the Sami tent on your own and explore the Arctic nature. Perhaps you can put on snowshoes and hunt for the Northern Lights. Overnight stays need to be booked in conjunction with activities from Tour In Lyngenalps.

Anyone visiting AURORA ALPS basecamp at Breivikeidet will now have the opportunity to buy suvernies from our selection.

Day 1:
18.45 - Meeting time outside of Scandic Ishavshotel
19.00 - Departure
19.50 - Aurora Alps basecamp and check in Lavvo
20.00 - Find your spot for the northern light view - warm up in the Lavvo ( Sami-tent)
22.15 - Hot meal, coffe/tea
23.00 - Enjoy your stay in the Lavvo - bee out for more wildernes experience, polar light and go sleep when you feel tired
??? - Sleep happy in warm sleeping bag

Day 2:
09.00 - Breakfast
10.45 - Cross-country skiing
13.15 - Hot meal, coffe/tea
14.00 - Departure Aurora Alps basecamp
15.50 - Tromsø

Price: kr. 3190,- p.p. - child: kr. 1600,- p.p.
Minimum 2 - 4 pers. in each lavvo

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