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  • Scenic Whale Watching on catamaran, with Marine biologist

Scenic Whale Watching on catamaran, with Marine biologist

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Join an amazing whale safari towards Skjervøy and see the beautiful coastal landscape covered in arctic lights on the way there, We will search for the orcas and the humpack whale and create lifelong memories.

One of the exciting and challenging things when you work with nature and animals in their natural environment is that we must be prepared to adapt to their needs – whether this is the magical Northern Lights or the magnificent whales.
It seems like the herring, which is the whales favourite mealtime and the reason that they come here, have changed direction. Instead of coming into the fjords beside Tromsø they are coming into the fjords in the Skjervøy area just north of Tromsø. So now, the whales are found in and around the Skjervøy area.
Because of this, we have had to adapt all of our whale products to enable you to see the whales in their natural habitat.
Skjervøy is a small village north west in the county of Troms, approximately 2.5 hours’ drive time by boat or 4 hours by bus.

We have brought the MS Tidelyn to Tromsø, which is a catamaran with place for 125 passengers, and good space on deck. We will depart from Tromsø city harbour and cruise north at 25 knots which will bring us to the whale area in 2.5 hours.
Our philosophy has been to take tours with small groups on smaller vessels to give a close and personal service… and it hurts us to do the change and to adapt to this situation. But we will do our utmost to give you the best service on board this ship.
We will also have a Marine Biologist on board to give information on the journey. Your safety is our number one priority so we also do recommend that you dress extra warm so you can be outside to witness the whales for the time we are up in the area. Once we have reached the whale area we will do our utmost to provide a magical experience for you as well as creating lifelong memories.

PS: During christmas we cannot guarantee a Marine biologist onboard. We recomend to take seasickness pill before the tour.

Included: Guide, hot drinks
Duration: 5-7hours
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of participants: 6-90
Departure time and place: 8:30am (08:30) In front of Scandic ishavshotel

Read the Whale Watching guidelines on: www.visittromso.no/en/guidelines-whalewatching

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