Glacier hike in Lyngen Alps - Aurora Alps

Date: Monday 17 jun 2019 - Friday 13 Sep 2019 Show map

No visit to the Lyngen area would be complete without experiencing at least one of the many glaciers up close and personal. It is here you can comprehend the true scale and wonder of nature’s ability to create and destroy whole landscapes.

A great walk from fjord to mountain and glacier. It is planned to spend the whole day on this trip. So have plenty of food and drink. We follow a good trail with ridges, rocks and terraced terrain. Use of mountain boots that provide good support is to recommend. In the steepest parties we take plenty of breaks, but are reluctant to run smoothly so that we return to the starting point within a reasonable time. Someone gets sweaty and then it's good to have a change of clothes on the trip or it may get a bit cold.
We walk 400-500 m on the breeks in a safe area and try to find ice-cracking that has formed through generations. Information signs along the road help you discover flora and fauna that is unique to bre areas, as well as giving you an insight into local history. You can also follow the glacial retreat in the past 20 years. Bring good shoes, appropriate clothes, backpack with your own food and drink.
It is exciting to walk around the glacier with different cracks and water that melts and at times you also see the color that is special for many brews - ice blue. The safety is set high so we go with brods, braces, bretau and spikes. The tour is led by the brewer.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Not recommended for children under 12 years !

Included: Guide, transfer (90 min each way) crampons, hanrnes, rope
Duration: 10,5 hours
Number of participants: 4-8
Level of difficulty: Medium

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